Mike Mannino: City Council Candidate

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Mike Mannino City Council Candidate

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Mike Mannino: City Council Candidate

On March 19, 2024, the voters of Clearwater will head to the polls to make candidate decisions that are much larger than the next 4 years. This election is an opportunity for the citizens of Clearwater to select critically needed stability in leadership that will shape and guide the City of Clearwater for the next decade and beyond. Know more about Mike Mannino City Council Candidate

Michael “Mike” Mannino is the candidate on your ballot for Clearwater City Council, seat #3 who has been groomed for leadership through his education, experience, and time spent serving the needs of Clearwater from bay to beach.

Mannino was born and raised in Clearwater, giving him a unique perspective of our city’s rich history, the path that was paved by former leaders, and the direction it requires to guide Clearwater into a prosperous and fiscally responsible city. Mannino has witnessed Clearwater’s growth from a quiet and quaint town to a city with world renown beaches, nationally recognized arts and entertainment venues, an almost 8-decade relationship with the Phillies & Threshers, 110 beautiful parks, recreation and aquatic centers. Few realize that Clearwater has more libraries per capita than the City of Tampa and Mannino understands this value to each of us who want to protect Clearwater’s quality of life.

At an early age, Mike did not idolize musicians, actors, or athletes, rather recognizes his grandfather, the late Irving Warrick, as his hero. Irv Warrick was not only a proud Clearwater resident who made a home for a long legacy of family in Clearwater, he also earned the US Navy Purple Heart award and attended Notre Dame University where he played collegiate football.  Like Mannino who has a master’s degree in public administration, his grandfather also pursued his master’s degree, which he earned at the University of Michigan. “I learned so much from my grandfather, Mannino said, “He taught me to be a gentleman, to always strive for good manners, the intrinsic value of hard work, and the importance of service, love for my community and our great country.” Mannino goes on to credit his grandfather for his deep-rooted Catholic faith.

Mannino’s commitment to serving others and assuming leadership roles began in elementary school as he was elected by his peers in 5th grade as the school President. Mannino says jokingly, “I see the similarities of that rigorous campaign which was also filled with slogans, speech writing, and participation in the school talent show that have manifest into public forums in his adult pursuit to serve the citizens of Clearwater in seat #3 for the Clearwater City Council.

Mannino has excelled in academics at every level of his education and participated in a plethora of organized sports and activities. Mannino played basketball, baseball, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, and more. Mannino ultimately chose soccer which would land him a division one full scholarship to Stetson University, a professional contract to play for the Carolina Dynamo, and lead his Clearwater team to a United States Youth Soccer National Championship for the Clearwater Chargers Soccer Club. This year Mannino celebrated his 35th year as a member of the organization. Mannino is considered a mentor to hundreds of families in our community who receive both soccer instruction and life coaching lessons from Mannino every year.  Mannino states, “I truly enjoy all sports, but soccer is in my blood. It challenged me in ways that the other sports didn’t. It was physical and demanded athleticism but was cerebral and required a mental reading of the game which I loved”.

In the summer of 2012, Mike crossed paths with who would become his best friend, soulmate, and wife; Suzanne Henslee Mannino. Together the Mannino’s share a love for community, rescue pets, athletics, and their Catholic faith. Mike has been a lifetime Parishioner of St. Cecilia Catholic Church. Suzanne and Mike have one daughter, Jessica 26, and have owned and operated a small business in Clearwater for over 12 years. If you have ever attended or participated in a local community multi-sport activity or 5K benefiting local students, Mike and Suzanne were probably involved. “At a young age I learned the true value of time and rarely found value in tangible possessions.”

Mannino goes on to state, “Suzanne and I are blessed to work and play together every day and I will never take for granted the blessing of our time together which we both feel is one of God’s greatest gifts in our lifetime.”

Mike and Suzanne are very passionate about the youth in our community, and both have dedicated a majority of their time to coaching hundreds of kids throughout the years. Suzanne served as the assistant cross-country coach at PHUHS for almost 20 years and Mike has been an elite soccer coach for 25 years. Mannino is honored to have coached the Palm Harbor University varsity boys’ team to a state championship and continues to coach and mentor the families of the Clearwater Chargers Soccer Organization.

Mannino’s community involvement is commendable.

Any given weekend you can find Mike and Suzanne serving at a local food drive, preparing meals for elderly, delivering repurposed flowers to hospitals and nursing homes, or collecting and delivering backpacks and school supplies through the Backpack Lady Project.

“I often joke that Suzanne is the most amazing and effective volunteer coordinator I have ever had. She definitely keeps us busy, and she would give everything away if I would let her.”

Mannino’s service and leadership in our community does not stop there. He is Clearwater’s former Chairperson for The Municipal Code Board and The Charter Review Committee. Additionally, Mannino sat as a board member of Forward Pinellas Citizens Advisory Committee, was a board of director member for The ARC of Tampa Bay, as well as a board member for the MLK Jr. Neighborhood Coalition. “I am truly passionate about our community and the people who call Clearwater home. I am never afraid of a challenge and whole-heartedly enjoy the process of bringing people of diverse opinions and experiences together to build consensus for the betterment of our community.”

In 2020, Mannino campaigned for Clearwater City Council in a 5-person race and came up short by less than 2%. “The 2020 election taught me so much about the campaign process and how to drill down to the core issues of our city. Suzanne and I love walking neighborhoods, attending community meet & greets, and the enjoy the ability to connect with our residents.” It was an easy decision to jump into the 2024 race campaigning for Clearwater City Council, seat #3 in the March 19, 2024 election.

“The 2024 election brings a whole new set of community challenges,” says Mannino. “Clearwater has the opportunity to elect leadership that will shape and guide Clearwater for the next decade and beyond.” Mannino is confident that he is the candidate who brings that stability, knowledge, education, business experience, and leadership that Clearwater residents deserve.

There is a long list of community leaders that have voiced their support for Mannino’s campaign to serve Clearwater, including the current Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst Sr. and Frank Hibbard the former Clearwater Mayor of 13 years.

  • Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna
  • State Senators Nick DiCeglie & Ed Hooper
  • State Representative Kim Berfield
  • Pinellas County Commissioners Chris Latvala, Dave Eggars, and Brian Scott
  • Dunedin’s Mayor Juile Ward-Bujalski

(Click here for Mike’s Endorsement video)

In addition to the above community leaders, Mannino has garnered the support and endorsements of:

  • Clearwater Fraternal Order of Police
  • Suncoast Police Benevolent Association (PBA)
  • Clearwater Fire Union
  • Amplify Clearwater, business community (ClearPAC)
  • Pinellas County Realtors Organization (PRO)


“I am honored and humbled to have the support of the community leaders above and greatly respect the path of leadership they have paved in our community. Earning the trust of our public safety community, our business community, and the over 10,000 realtor professionals is something that I do not take lightly. I vow to represent them with the very integrity, passion, and morality that they apply in their profession daily.”

What about Mannino’s plans or vision for the place we affectionately call home?

“I whole-heartedly believe it is vitally important that our Clearwater elected officials get back to the basics by truly balancing livability with destination. We can and must be great at both.” Mannino also firmly believes and is committed to:

  • Proving our citizens with the most efficient & effective city services.
  • Advocate for safe & healthy neighborhoods.
  • Fiscally responsible with a forward vision that increases our tax revenues and decreases your tax burden as citizens.
  • Building a more business friendly climate that is attractive, collaborative, and cooperative.

Please click here to visit Mike’s website and learn more about him and his vision for a brighter Clearwater from bay to beach.

In conclusion, there is only ONE candidate for Clearwater City Council, seat #3 that is qualified & prepared to roll their sleeves up on day 1 and get to work for you the citizens of Clearwater. Michael “Mike” Mannino’s invaluable knowledge of OUR city, his educational foundation, business experience, and trusted leadership position him to be your next Clearwater City Council representative.

“I humbly ask you to remember the name

and please vote-by-mail or in-person

on March 19, 2024 for

Michael “Mike” Mannino

Clearwater City Council, seat #3.”


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