Taco-Quila – A “Muy Bueno” Visit

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Taco-Quila Mexican Restaurant

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Taco-Quila – A “Muy Bueno” Visit

Clearwater is not without plenty of Mexican cuisine restaurants. Some mighty good ones too. That’s why my enthusiasm level only hit so-so when the wife said she’d heard good things about a new one that opened recently. In the pursuit of domestic tranquility, I agreed.

Some of us may remember the site of the old IHOP just west of U.S. Highway 19 North and almost kitty-corner from Walmart. It now sports the name Taco-Quila Mexican Kitchen and Cantina.

We walked through the entrance door on the right (the left one locked) and straight ahead moseyed to the reception stand.

To our right: A room for private parties. Behind the reception stand: A small bar counter that evidently merited the “cantina” designation. A large group occupied the private room, which threw us off a bit because after viewing all the cars in the parking lot, we assumed the restaurant to be crowded.

Well, you know what they say about assuming. Most everyone made noisy fun time in the private room and only two booths occupied in the main body of the restaurant to the left of the reception stand. We were led to a table unfortunately next to two young men in their mid 20s, and one of them displayed a considerable lung capacity.

Normally if seated next to a loudmouth we change tables, but being our first visit here we each decided to be nice little diners rather than starting off as a problem child. I figured if I’m going to write an objective review, it’s best to not tick off the server.

Server Karina arrived within minutes, took drink orders of two unsweet teas, and our faces brightened when she returned with two huge plastic cups filled to the top with mostly tea. That’s so much more preferred than dinky cups crammed with ice, forcing constant refills or – worse yet – sitting with empty cups.

The interior offers some pictures, a large-screen TV, but otherwise only a whisp of a Mexican ambiance.

My partner ordered the Enchiladas Problanos entrée

and I the Chimichangas (small twin portions with chicken).

Each plate included very large portions with beans and accompaniments. Not surprisingly, since the private party had waned and only one additional booth came occupied in the main restaurant, the food arrived promptly. Each was beautifully plated per the images. Each tasted excellent.

The only criticism is that the sound speaker of recorded Latino music was extremely loud. I’m reluctant to complain about such things since sound levels tend to be subjective. Unfortunately, the thundering tomes didn’t drown out Mr. Blowhard sitting behind us, and the combination of the two resonances encouraged a request for take-out boxes.

Even so, we’d consumed enough to admire Taco-Quila’s topnotch fare. And, Karina kept returning to the table to ensure satisfaction and ask if anything more was needed.

The check totaled $43.84 with the two teas $7.98 (nearly four bucks each, so you pay for the large cups), $16.99 for the Enchiladas, $16 for the Chimichangas and Uncle Sam’s nick of $2.87. As the wont these says of restaurant checks, the tip suggestions are pretax totals of 18%, 20% and 22%.

I don’t really like such suggestions, inferring that one is a cheapskate if tipping less than 18% even if such is deserved. Karina did well, so I tipped $8 – about 20%.

I give Taco-Quila four out of five stars, so it’s worth it if you have the bravado to ask the manager to lower the music.


Taco-Quila Mexican Kitchen and Cantina

22950 U.S. Highway 19 N., Clearwater



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