Top 15 Reasons to Plant a Tree

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Reasons to Plant a Tree

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Top 15 Reasons to Plant a Tree

In 1985, my family moved to Clearwater and I’ve lived in the same house for most of the years since. Reasons to Plant a Tree

Our house sits across the road from a city park.

I remember when there was 10 times more trees.

Back in 1961, a water tower was built on the land. Notice all the trees.

Lots and lots of trees.

Every few years, more and more trees are cut down here.

Two more were cut down this past November…

with none planted to take their place.

I’m reminded of this every day looking out my window.

But why should you plant a tree?

Arbor Day falls on April 29th this year and here are the some of the reasons why you should plant trees:

1. Trees produce oxygen.

Without the trees, we cannot breathe! Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen.

2. Trees clean the air.

Trees improve air quality by absorbing toxic chemicals from the atmosphere.

3. Trees mark the seasons.

From the gold-orange-red leaves of autumn, to the budding branches of Spring, we can tell the seasons from trees and what a sight they are!

4. Trees make land fertile.

Tree roots grow deep into the soil, holding it firmly in place, and help to prevent soil erosion, which in turn provides…

5. Trees provide flood protection.

Trees are important land covers and reduce the speed of storm water runoff.

6. Trees increase property values.

When a home has mature trees growing on the property, it will sell for 7 to 19 percent more than if there were no trees planted there

 7. Trees have economic value.

From food products, oils, rubber, herbs, medicines and more, trees are good for the economy.

8. We really need trees.

About 80% of all species of plants’ and animals’ survival depend on trees.

9. Trees produce and save water.

Trees are an integral part of the water cycle and they also provide shade to reduce the rate of evaporation.

10. Trees help control noise.

Trees absorb loud noises in the air, especially in an urban environment.

11. Trees help conserve energy.

The strategic planting of trees around the home is an inexpensive way of cutting back on heating and cooling needs.

12. Trees make you feel good.

Soothing views of trees make people more productive and also help people feel relaxed and less stressed.

13. Trees heal.

Hospital patients have been shown to recover from surgery more quickly when their hospital room offered a view of trees.

14. Trees slow traffic.

Tree lined streets have a traffic calming effect and vehicles move more slowly and safely.

15. Trees are beautiful.

Planting trees is a great way to add a touch of beautiful nature to your property and improve the aesthetics of a place.

If you need more reasons to plant trees, check out where you can get FREE trees to plant from the City of Clearwater Arbor Day tree giveaway or a local resident’s A Tree Grows in Clearwater initiative.

Feature photo by 이룬 봉 on Pixabay

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